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UBoard Smart, 3-Port Hub, Cup Holder Desk Organiser.<font color="Red">NOW ONLY  £41</FONT>UBoard Smart, 3-Port Hub, Cup Holder Desk Organiser.NOW ONLY £41
Smart Board (from Sunnone), black / white frame, 3-Port Hub, Cup Holder & Smartphone Holder All in one .
Price: £41.00
Boomgear SX 100s Stereo EarphonesBoomgear SX 100s Stereo Earphones
Was £20.99 Now 10.99.
The sound isolating function works like a silencer, so you can enjoy pure music in your ears
Price: £10.99
Car Kit for Abigs DVP-260Car Kit for Abigs DVP-260
Was £20.00 now £16.00.
A useful accessory for Abigs DVP-260
Price: £16.00
MAGMA Multi functional portable self defense deviceMAGMA Multi functional portable self defense device
MAGMA is world’s first multi-functional self-defense device. It is equipped with zoom light, strong pepper spray, gas gun and sensor alarm that can also act as a portable alarm system.
Price: £150.00
Earphones with VibrationEarphones with Vibration
Was £9.99 Now £5.00
NEW The new vibration sound earphone has been developed to minimize the damage to your ears when loud music is heard through your ear drums.
Price: £5.00
X-TURBO Portable Speaker (JSP-808)X-TURBO Portable Speaker (JSP-808)
Was £14.99 Now £10.99.
Any portable audio equipment can be connected with JSP-808. Just plug the headphone jack of your iPOD, MP3, CDP, or Mobile phone.
Price: £10.99
Pix Visual LEDPix Visual LED
Using this PIX, you can program and display moving pictures, images, texts, and various patterns as you want. This is possible through built-in small 177 LED's and the enclosed software tool.
Price: £32.00
Screen Keeper (SK-01)Screen Keeper (SK-01)
NEW ! ! Automatically closes your monitor's screen while you're away from your computer, and immediately opens your screen as soon as you get back to your pc. Your private and confidential information shall be kept by this screen keeper.
Price: £20.50
SCREEN KEEPER SK-02 (Monitor's Security + Saves Energy) NAVY BLUE VERSIONSCREEN KEEPER SK-02 (Monitor's Security + Saves Energy) NAVY BLUE VERSION
Price: £24.00
X-Pointer PresenterX-Pointer Presenter
A necessity for successful presentations ! RF wireless remote presenter, Laser pointer, FR wireless mouse
Price: £15.99
Audio Transmitter (FM transmitter) MT-9001KAudio Transmitter (FM transmitter) MT-9001K
Connect to your iPod, Mp3 player or smart phone and wirelessly stream Music to your car audio or home audio. This technology has always been the most stable & less clumsy. Great for holidays, trips, camping or homes without internet or general use ...
Price: £15.00

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