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The Cocktail Audio X30

What is cocktail audio X30 ?

The Cocktail Audio X30 looks like an ordinary CD player. However, underneath its chassis are quality electronic parts designed to form a formidable music gadget that brings out the best in music at 24/192 native resolution.

In a nutshell, the CA-X30 is an advanced all-in-one music system which includes an amazing set of features. The device can operate as a stand-alone audio system with connected speakers or as an advanced sound source in digital or analog Hi-Fi system.

It plays back music files in many popular formats, supports high-resolution files, and allows ripping CD-audio disc and doing records from external sources, both analog and digital. The user can install a built-in hard drive up to 4 terabytes which can accommodate the contents of tens of thousands of CDs.

The cataloging and quick access to the music collections is done via internal database which supports all the information about albums, artists, covers, etc. Data can be also uploaded and updated from the internet. For owners of smartphones and tablets, the CA-X30 manufacturer has even prepared an option to control and manage the unit via a web browser.


  • Equipped with a 700MHz MIPS host CPU (Processor)
  • Main Memory (4Gbit, DDR2 800Mhz)
  • Burr-Brown digital-to-analogue converter
  • Powerful TI stereo digital amplifier
  • High speed optical disk drive for quick ripping
  • 5 inch full colour screen for intuitive graphical user interface
  • FM radio tuner (supports RDS)
  • Max capacity storage installation for 3.5” SATA hard disk , 2.5” hard disk and SSD
  • Versatile network solution
  • Various software functionalities
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity
  • Fan less
  • & much more……

    High-speed, silent slide front loading conpact disc drive for playing & ripping

Cocktail Audio X30 uses an optical disc drive (ODD) with a 24x high speed. The operation is silent, which means you can listen to music while ripping. Compatible with CD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R/RW.


Fast CD ripping with CD meta-data standard album cover art and various file formats 

Cocktail Audio X30 can rip a one hour playing time CD in less than 10 minutes. It will catalogue your collection by album, artist, genre and year - all ripped CDs will be stored into the music database. X30 provides four ripping options (encoding): WAV, FLAC, MP3 or OGG.  

Storage Capacity
CD ripping option 256GB SSD 500GB SSD 500GB HDD 1TB HDD 2TB HDD 4TB HDD
WAV (uncompressed) 325 CDS 650 CDs 650 CDs 1,300 CDs 2,600 CDs 5,200 CDs
MP3/OGG (compressed)
128K 3,750 CDs 7,500 CDs 7,500 CDs 15,000 CDs 30,000 CDs 60,000 CDs
192K 2,500 CDs 5,000 CDS 5,000 CDs 10,000 CDs 20,000 CDs 40,000 CDs
320K 1,500 CDs 3,000 CDs 3,000 CDs 6,000 CDs 12,000 CDs 24,000 CDs

Please Note: These figures may vary slightly according to the number of tracks on a CD

Quick and easy set-up LCD screen

With a ‘800x480’ pixel 5inch colour TFT LCD screen, CA X30 provides an intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) with bold icons and text information – for ease of use and configuration.


Connect to a monitor to view a slideshow of  Images / Album Covers while listening to music
Cocktail Audio X30 provides HDMI OUT connector for external display, such as a TV (or a compatible monitor) as its GUI screen.  

High-quality sound through Burr-Brown HD DAC and isolated power source design

For high-quality sound output, CA X30 features the well-known Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, TCXO oscillator and an isolated power source circuit designed for digital and analogue sound rendering.

Native 24bit/192Khz playback and various supported audio file formats:

Cocktail Audio X30 is equipped with a high-performance DSP chipset (700mhz MIPS host CPU) with the exclusively developed in-house software (firmware), that supports formats such as wav, flac, alac, pcm, mp3, wma, m4a, aac, aiff, aif, ogg vorbis and playlist (pls, m3u), including high resolution (24bit/192khz) flac and wav files.

Gapless playback 
Cocktail Audio X30 (gapless mode) plays back multiple tracks without gaps, a useful feature for opera and live music fans.

High resolution (24bit/192Khz) digital output

Cocktail Audio X30 provides three digital outputs, such as TOSLINK, COAXIAL and AES/EBU XLR, which supports up to 24bit/192Khz. This means the X30 can be used as an audio server and a source device for those wishing to use an existing external amplifier and DAC.

High performance stereo digital amplifier with dynamic 100W (50W per channel)

A TI high-performance stereo digital amplifier chip, isolated power source circuit design and TCXO oscillator – with low noise and low distortion – makes CA X30 an ideal hi-fi component for an existing bookshelf or high quality floor standing (power load) speakers.

Multiple inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity

Cocktail Audio  X30 offers various audio inputs and outputs for connecting other audio devices including a monitor (only HDMI). Three digital outputs, two analogue outputs, two digital inputs and two analogue inputs, allows high connectivity with multiple devices. The dual digital inputs means the CA X30 can be used as a DAC with other digital audio sources.

FM tuner, iRadio & online music streaming services
CA X30 features an FM tuner (tuning range FM87.5 - 108MHz) with RDS support. (NB RDS support is only available in Europe). Equipped with Gigafast Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps) and wireless network (Wi-Fi USB dongle optional) you can connect the X30 to your home network to access tens of thousands of radio stations (Reciva) and online music services such as Simfy.

High res recording function (24bit/192Khz)
With the X30 you can record from the internet radio, FM radio and line-in as well as cassette tapes and vinyl. The 24bit/192Khz ADC chip allows for high resolution recording for better sound quality.

Storage installation

Cocktail Audio X30 supports 3.5” SATA hard disk, 2.5” SATA hard disk or solid state drive (SSD) as storages. A customised storage drive bay (drawer/caddy) allows for quick and easy installation. Using SSD storage means the X30 will operation noiselessly as the device is fanless. CA X30 currently supports up to 4TB of 3.5” hard disk, 1TB of 2.5” hard disk and 500GB of SSD. Increased capacity will be supported by impending firmware updates.

Versatile network functions through various network protocol support

As the X30 supports DNLA, Samba client/server/media renderer, FTP server and web server (customised Web UI is provided, it offers;

  • Hi-resolution 24bit/192Khz network streaming playback
  • File management (copy, delete, rename, importing or exporting etc.) between X30 storage and NAS or PC
  • Remote control with mobile devices like smartphones (iPhone or Android phone), iPad and tablet PC
  • Remote control and Music DB editing with the customised Web UI

Apps for iOS and Android devices
CA X30 can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet PC. We recommend ‘Eyecon’ for Android and ‘Kinsky’
for iOS, but most UPnP (or network streaming) Apps will work fine.
Some music programs that enable streaming via computers can also be used.
There are many streaming tools available.

Customised web interface
CA X30 features Web Interface (Web UI) for various web browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera,
SlimeBrowser, Chrome and Safari. This allows the management and controlling of the music collection on the
CA X30, such as adding album covers, creating playlists, playing internet radio, editing metadata, displaying the
collection and much more.

Front panel intuitive control scheme
CA X30 has a front panel intuitive control scheme that provides quick access to basic functions such as power,
volume/mute, OK/Pause/Scroll and four menu keys for GUI of the LCD screen. The input selector key allows
the user to seamlessly switch between input devices and also features a mute mode that can be toggled at the
push of the volume knob.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Yousuf Ebrahim from Qatar   3 Stars
This is really a revolutionary music player it has everything you need to play music. It is packed with so many features that are unavailable in any other device. For me, the best of all is the ability to divert its screen output to external tv via HDMI cable. This device really deserves 5 stars for its features but I gave it only 3 stars because: 1. if you connect it to your existing amplifier via analog L/R RCA OUT, the output volume from X30 is too high and it is distorted and you cannot turn it down and therefore it is useless in this case, however, if you connect it via DIGITAL OUT, it is grat. 2. FM radio audio is not available throught the DIGITAL OUT, it is only available throught ANALOGUE OUT and SPEAKERS. 3.The worst of all is that the X30 keeps hanging, and when this happens, everything freeazes on the device, no sound, and no remote control response and you have to switch the power off and on to get it to work. This happens very frequently, it is too damn frustrating.I am really disappointed and sad about these issues and I hope they can resolve it by their next firmware upgrade.

Reviewer: Yousuf Ebrahim from Qatar   5 Stars
I am updating my rating above because CocktailAudio has released a new firmware update version R0042. After updating and testing my X30 for almost a week, all issues appear to be resolved. Now my X30 is working perfectly, no more hanging and FM radio is working great. The problem with my digital out audio also was resolved by changing my DAC to a newrer unit. I am realy happy and excited about this great gadget. It got everything that a music lover wants for listenning to all sources of music perfectly.

Reviewer: Ross MC from Ireland   4 Stars
An updated few thoughts on the X30 which I bought from the good folks at AV10 in early November. My unit arrived with formatted HD and installed Free DB. I have only ripped CDs to the music database and when I run recovery I get a 'no changes to the DB' message so I am fairly happy that the problems that I have been experiencing are 'not my fault'. I updated to the new firmware and checked that it installed ok. I also checked that the new features (e.g. composer field) were there. I hope the next firmware update will solve my white screen and sound cutting out issues. Otherwise I'll have to look at getting a replacement and see how that goes. However, I am very impressed with many aspects of the X30 which is why I'm looking to solve the issues as against sending it back. The positives for me are: Very well thought out Music Database and home screen structure Superb sound quality Top class Remote Control - very well laid out (probably the best remote control I have used with any product) Easy to read and understand manual Web interface for editing tracks a great feature

Reviewer: MusicSmart from UK - Cornwall   4 Stars
So far I like the device (X30) purchased from Av10 – silver 2TB. The cocktail Audio shows remarkable agility, with different features & effects as well as conversion & ripping speed. I would have preferred to dump my collection without the need to ‘import’ for the .DB to understand. However I could have used a network to also import directly too. I suppose it's like itunes, where you import/link a directory & then the software scans to pick up the metadata. The interface is a good standard but could easily confuse people the first time....especially the "BROWSER" (not showing the content of the ripped cds). Overall it is a good purchase & support is great...AV10 showed me everything & more. PROS: Nicely combines all features in a neat box Sound quality is good with floor standing speakers... Excellent build.. Future proof... Cheaper than others Max HDD sizes Many options to achieve tasks regular firmware updates Keyboard shortcuts just like a remote. Network features HDMI & slide show Ability to edit on the device as well as on a computer Web remote & App support CONS: Remote too many bits/buttons Web-interface could be much better & lighter Digital IN ports record function is not clear Prefer a better database service or the option to choose Could do better than RECIVA...what about other nicer radio & streaming services. FM/RDS not stable (will stick to internet radio LOL) Ron-MS