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The motorised unicycle is a gyro-based stabilised electric scooter.
It's one of those things that ‘bridges the gap’ between transportation and fun.
It quite the alternative for travelling shorter distances and also much greener than a real scooter or car.

We would urge one to wear a helmet before learning to use the unicycle & any other time too.
The device comes with two (2) training wheels or stabilisers and a strap/belt that is easy to attach and detach.
There are two options single wheel and double wheel models.
People learning to use the single wheel models might require the stabilisers and belt.
With the double wheel only the belt might be used, as it is quite easy even from the moment it is turned on.
When the unicycle is turned on, the balancing is based on the orientation of the user known as the gyroscopic principle.
Straightness of the rider will keep the orientation sturdy & level, enabling the user to control the unicycle in any direction.

A part from being fun it provides a good core workout too.
Some of our unicycles have optional: Bluetooth Speakers, LED Flash Light, USB ports,
Lights, Laser lighters for the dark etc)

Use responsibly and take safety precautions such as wearing a helmet, protective clothing or other related safety equipment.
During the learning phase, please use the stabilisers/training wheels and strap/belt.
It doesn't matter if you feel comfortable using the stabilisers/strap
The main point is having fun & moving from point 'A' to 'B'.
Read and follow safety guidelines in the manual, not recommended for children under 15 years of age

These are non-branded & customized versions – we don’t sell branded models thus, to save the cost to our customers.  If you want your unicycle customized please choose the option & send us your logo/text/name etc.  People generally pay too much for just the branded models; with us you get service, reliability & uniqueness.  Why buy a branded model when you can have your own customised model?


MODEL:AV10-X2 - Single-Wheel ModelMODEL:AV10-X2 - Single-Wheel Model
Single-Wheel Unicycle comes in UK Flag, Black, Blue & White
Price: £360.00
MODEL:AV10-Q7 Single WheelMODEL:AV10-Q7 Single Wheel
Single-Wheel Unicycle comes in Black, Orange or Skull-Black design (As displayed). Maximum Speed: 18KM/H & 450W Motor ... Also has a Bluetooth Speaker, LED Flash Light, USB host & Lights
Price: £420.00
MODEL:AV10-X8 Twin Wheel (Double Wheel)MODEL:AV10-X8 Twin Wheel (Double Wheel)
Double-Wheel Unicycle comes in black. Maximum Speed: 18KM/H & 450W Motor ...
Price: £478.00
Replacement Charger Unicycle Scooter...Replacement Charger Unicycle Scooter...
Replacement Charger Unicycle Scooter... A replacement charger for the unicycles/scooters.
Price: £25.00
Replacement – Stabilisers:Replacement – Stabilisers:
Replacement – Stabilisers: Detachable/attachable stabiliser fits on the pedals of your unicycle/scooter.
Price: £20.00
Unicycle Scooter Bag - Single WheelUnicycle Scooter Bag - Single Wheel
Unicycle Bag: Customised bags/ carrying case for the unicycle/scooter. Strong design with compartments to fit and hold the unit well.
Price: £39.99

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