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Portable hydrogen water bottlePortable hydrogen water bottle
Our hydrogen water kit, that removes harmful active oxygen in the body, is very convenient to carry. So, you can produce 1000ppb of hydrogen water within 5 minutes by using any water.
Price: £29.00
 Portable hydrogen water Generator Portable hydrogen water Generator
Generates Hydrogen water on the go. Drink healthy to get rid of toxins in the body.
Price: £299.00
O2-ion Laundry Washing Ball Last appox. 3 YearsO2-ion Laundry Washing Ball Last appox. 3 Years
NEW ! ! Washing Ball, Which consists of four main natural ceramics. contained in a round ball, was designed scientifically so that it could clean clothes and laundry without andy detergents.
Price: £12.99
Cooling VestCooling Vest
Cool the body with the vest by inserting cooling packs in the vest/pouch. For leisure or work - such as agricultural fields, working sites, fishing and much more.
Price: £39.25
Ultra-light Heating VestUltra-light Heating Vest
Heating coil embedded special vest. Cold will be disappeared when wearing this heating vest
Price: £69.00
Ice MufflerIce Muffler
Use just like a normal muffler and it will make you cool. Easy to carry and can be used repeatedly. Smooth and nice feeling, not sticky.
Price: £5.50
HP Value eNotebook BagHP Value eNotebook Bag
HP Value eNotebook Bag by Hewlett Packard
Price: £15.99
Microfiber Hand Duster (Refill 2pc)Microfiber Hand Duster (Refill 2pc)
Price: £6.00
Microfiber Hand DusterMicrofiber Hand Duster
Price: £10.00

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