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Cocktail Audio Pro X100
From: £630.00

Cocktail Audio Pro X100; which merges CD ripping, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and multi media streaming with in an open platform.

Cocktail Audio Mini X-9 Real Time Digital Music Converter

Digitally encode audio CDs into FLAC without a computer. No loss of quality and the songs will remain and sound authentic . Ripped album in one go select preferred tracks .

Cocktail Audio Wi Fi, Bluetooth & AUX - Stereo Speaker

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Stream your music wirelessly (3 in 1) -
Cocktail Audio Wifi, Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) & Aux Audio Source input Speaker combines WiFi / Bluetooth technology. Connect any device via Bluetooth® 4.0 or WiFi - compatible with all Bluetooth devices... Also stream your music wirelessly from Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, BBC iplayer/Radio,Internet Radio and other online streaming services. Stream music from your server ...(music library)

Powerline Adapter Kit

Compatible with the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 (No WiFi Dongle required) The best option for streaming Cocktail Audio Pro X100 in any room. Enjoy HD, DSD Audio streaming without the WiFi signal dropping or stuttering. Better than a WiFi Dongle & no signal will be lost - no setup is required - PLUG & PLAY.

Cocktail Audio Antenna Wireless USB Dongle

Optional WiFi dongle for Cocktail Audio X10. This will enable the X10 to connect to any network wirelessly to stream music and listen to internet radio without the Ethernet cable - RJ45.

Twin phono to 3.5mm stereo jack lead (RCA to Jack 3.5mm)

3.5mm Male-Twin RCA Cable ...great with cocktail audio.