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Cocktail Audio Pro X100 (Out Of Stock until July 2022)

  • Cocktail Audio Pro X100
  • Cocktail Audio Pro X100
  • Cocktail Audio Pro X100
  • Cocktail Audio Pro X100
  • Cocktail Audio Pro X100

Cocktail Audio Pro X100 (Out Of Stock until July 2022)

Cocktail Audio Pro X100; which merges CD ripping, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and multi media streaming with in an open platform.
Cocktail Audio PRO X100- - Solid State boot Drive All options + HDD

High Resolution Digital Streamer, NAS and Ripper with DSD/DXD Playback.

cocktail audio Pro X100


• Cocktail Audio Pro X100 can be customised

• HDD/SSD: Currently supports 500GB – 10TB

Built-in SSD boot drive 128GB plus hard drive choice

• 8GB RAM Edition

• 64 Bit Operating System Handler

• ROON Ready & Server Edition

• Intel N3160 CPU 2M Cache 2.24 GHz SoC integrated Graphics

• Auto tags all ripped CDs including album cover arts

• Private cloud based online music metadata service

• Share files via streaming protocols like SMB, NFS, UPNP, Airplay, DLNA …

• Indexes through Squeezebox Server integration

• Media server for video, audio and picture streaming

• Sonos module for easy configuration

• Fanless design for silent operation

• Multitasking web interface

• Easy backup mechanism with fast incremental

• USB Audio interface (asynchronous output)

• Grade 32bit/384KHz and DSD music player

• Adaptable technology and firmware updateable

• No delayed background conversions

• Open editable database – stable structure

• Music library mirroring option

• Minim Server, MPD, Squeezelite, HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter ...

Shairport, Plex Media Server,BubbleUPnP Server ...

Multiroom network playback

Power efficient & much more ...


1. Evolving from the revolution:

The current cocktail audio models have been good but lacks that touch of satisfying the astute music lover in an all round style.
We have stripped ineffective elements to make room for the essential features based on the current trend(s).
Due to the emerging market of high resolution acoustics, the act of handling digital audio must be without distortion regardless of the device.
This is the reason for the Cocktail Audio Pro X100; which merges CD ripping, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and multi media streaming with in an open platform.
As a result supports most audio devices and can cope with a hefty digital library, such as music, videos and images.
The X100 stores (rips) thousands of CDs in lossless FLAC, retrieves the album art and metadata automatically without the need for background conversion. X100 supports 32 bit/384 KHz HD audio and DSD music player with flawless audio output through USB interface, streaming services, numerous internet radio services and much more.
Whether using a high-end or typical audio system, the output on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 will emerge flawlessly with no audible limitations or misrepresentation.

Back Port - {SPDIF- Digital OUT, UBS - Digital OUT, USB - Connection or Audio Port 2/3, HDMI Terminal or HDMI Audio only (HDMI sound may not work on some devices)

2. Auto CD ripping & tag with album cover art:

Insert a CD and the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 will convert the songs into lossless FLAC, embed the metadata (tag), add the correct album cover art, fingerprints and ejects the CD.

X100 Pro Album art

3. Ripping engine & error checking:

The ripping mechanism reads each track several times (at least twice) compares and ensures accuracy.
The algorithm checks the data before incorporating the latest cloud based technology with fingerprinting for optimal CD tagging and album cover art retrieval.

4. No background conversion on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100:

The X100 encodes (rips) and converts simultaneously. Thus the need for a prolonged background conversion is irrelevant. Unlike the other models or most rippers, background conversion can halt the performance of the device and even corrupt the entire database if a single file is erroneous. The processor in the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 quickly converts the songs without any difficulty. An 80 minute classical CD would be done in less than 7 minutes - with auto cover art fetch and CD information embedded.

5. Open file (db) structure:

The database structure and directories on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100, can be edited, deleted, moved & tagged from any compatible program.
This gives the user full control on how the media is ‘exhibited’.

6. Fast loading optical drive & abort feature:

The Cocktail Audio Pro X100 is able to abort ripping amidst session with a single torch or click and reload. The disc drive has an enhanced optical lens and rips faster.

7. Network shares for Sonos, Airplay & other devices:

With the range of supported protocols, it is easier to configure the X100 with many devices.
The X100 can be networked in various locations at your home via protocols like UPnP / DLNA / Airplay...
There are Apps on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 to easily configure devices like Sonos, wireless solution devices and so forth.
The Cocktail Audio Pro X100 can be a ‘client’ or a ‘server’ on a network. The X100 connects through a Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbps) via an Ethernet cable.

8. Fan less design, power efficient & less noise.

Cocktail Audio Pro X100 is an exceptional and considerably more powerful all-rounded multimedia entertainment centre: for ripping, storing and great for playing back all your media from one device via a user-friendly web interface.
The usual level of noise that emanates from many media players is unwanted.
We have built the X100 without the whirring fans and masked the crunching hard disks noises for users’ that intend to run the X100 around the clock as a server.
The X100 has integrated heat-sinks for passive cooling that minimises noises and heat.
Power consumption is vital: the X100 incorporates ‘low’ power parts which generate less heat and thus require less cooling.
The X100 remains quiet during operation and blends in with any living space.

9. Network Attached Storage (NAS) :

Building a centralised storage for your media on the X100 is more stable than any of the other Cocktail Audio models. The X100 allows you to share media files between several devices such as TV, computers, wireless speakers, high-end audio devices and much more.

The added benefit is that many servers can be setup to mirror media files and also stream other media types like photos and video.

The X100 Server can be recognised from any platforms such as Windows, Apple , Linux or Android devices.

cocktail audio pro

10. Stream additional media types:

The Cocktail Audio Pro (X100) enables users' to stream video, audio & images…
There is no limit to how many viewers can stream and the device is more stable & features many more preferences. Stream via apple TV, media boxes, tablets, smart phones, laptops and so forth.

11. Private Cloud based metadata service

The metadata service is privately supported, updated & catered for by our technical team. We also support Picard (program to submit cd metadata); therefore users can easily submit CD information / metadata. Picard’s service will update our metadata service too.

Having a private metadata service means less reliant of inaccurate CD metadata, as well as the need to tag or retag albums unnecessarily. Users' can contact us on metadata issues, unlike other services used by similar devices.

12. Customised web Interface/ Controller

What makes our newest web interface better is the capability to multitask.
The web interface doesn’t lock up during ripping or require verification between ripped folders (songs) or any simulated sql file structure (Music DB).
The web interfaces allow users’ to control and interact with the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 through a web browser.
The X100‘s web interface enables the users’ to add and remove features which makes it ideal for users' that might wish to customise in accordance with their controllers.
The web interface can be used as a remote control, library management, visual feedback, app & device manager and much more.
The web interface is intuitive, light and quick to load.
Any device with a web browser can access the web interface, such as a smart phone, tablet, notebook, computer etc.

13. Backup (Incremental & Fast)

The media on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 can be safely backed up without any intricacies. Simply mount your external drive, format it & backup.
The next backup will add the newer files as well as any added changes.

14. USB 2/3 Audio interface & Speed:

The added interface of USB 3 provides realistic and a faster transfer rates of around 4.8 Gbits/s with a full duplex data rate.
The support for USB audio interface over TOSLINK or Coax SPDIF DAC means:
USB DACs maintains a two-way communication and sends supported resolutions to the Cocktail Audio Pro X100.
Other audio interfaces do not report information about the driven devices.
An asynchronous USB DAC can control the data flow from the driving device whilst other DACs might require complex circuitry to minimise jitters.
Some USB DACs can be powered from the USB post/host, hence no additional power is required.

Note: End users with M-Dacs might need to swap from USB to SPDIF/TOSLINK or vise versa. This is due to some MDacs unstable & older firmware/USB ports. SPDIF will still play High Res files.

15. Firmware Updates/ Optional Software (add-ons):

To check out the latest improvements, just click the ‘update option’ via the web interface. 
At Cocktail Audio UK we heed and empathise with our users’ concerns and will endeavour to meet all pertinent requirements.
Users' can also install additional software/apps via the web interface.
Extra features and add-ons can be requested by email or by visiting our UK forum

16. Integrated Squeezebox / Media Server Centre:

The Squeezebox Server is customisable and has a great community supported by Cocktail Audio too.
Have control of your music with various music services, international radio services and much more.
Squeeze network - an online service that makes it easy to access/configure the Internet radio stations and music services.

Sign up for free and get connected via your Cocktail Audio Pro X100.

  • The world of music a click or touch away
  • High resolution encoding support for high quality sound experience
  • Add more add-ons & plug-ins
  • Squeezebox radio all-in-one
  • Favourite tracks
  • Sync with iTunes
  • Intuitive menus
  • Much more …

17. Services:

There are over 50 thousand plus world internet radios, podcasts & multiple streaming services such as BBC iplayer/radio, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TuneIn, YouTube, ROON etc

18. ROON Ready & Server:

Roon Labs audiophile music service has now been integrated with the Cocktail Audio Pro X100.
Roon categorises indexes & identifies your repertoire on your local and streaming services.
Roon then delves into the whirlpool of stats, data, links, reviews, metadata and much-much more to build a digital glossy for your music.

Roon is one of the best musical tools for managing music libraries and has a comprehensive structure.
The integration with Tidal & Tidal library means that whatever size your collection there is something for any audiophile.
Both ‘Roon server’ and ‘Roon ready’ runs on the Cocktail Audio Pro X100 allowing direct playback of Roon music using the Roon App.

A Roon Server utilises the streaming services in conjunction with Roon services and or Roon remote.
This will provide control and functionality with fewer resources.
The Roon Ready feature customises and embeds the Pro X100 for streaming via the Roon service - certified by Roon Labs or approved partners.
Roon takes your collection to a whole new level.
A Roon service requires membership & there is also a free trial.

Check out what's so great about ROON

NB:Ensure your device is configured (inc spec) to RUN the ROON service better...

19. SSD Boot Drive + HDD/SSD:  500GB – 10TB:

Each Pro X100 has a solid state boot drive that holds the system software and handles all processing, thus the device simply grabs the media from the main additional drive or the chosen media hard drive with ease.  The Pro X100 has a better performance, quick boot up and is more reliable.
The Cocktail Audio Pro X100 supports up to 10TB SATA HDDs (Hard Disk Drives/Solid State Drives).

20. Multi Interface:

Pro X100 can be used with an amplifier, DAC, integrated amp, active speakers & many networked devices.

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