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Portable hydrogen water bottle

Our hydrogen water kit, that removes harmful active oxygen in the body, is very convenient to carry. So, you can produce 1000ppb of hydrogen water within 5 minutes by using any water.

 Portable hydrogen water Generator

Generates Hydrogen water on the go. Drink healthy to get rid of toxins in the body.

RT-1111 Two Head Massager

NEW Model (Only In Red)

Solar Stone Heater

NEW ! ! Ten minutes of charging give you two hours of heat to relieve your muscle pain and help your metabolism.

Mini Massager RT-5555

NEW ! ! Compact battery powered mini massager for everyday use, everywhere you go

Bio minus ion Men's Socks

NEW!! Remove foot smell and prevent frostbite by keeping warmth.

Bio minus ion Men's Underpants (Square)

Excellent air ventilation!

Bio minus ion Women's Socks

Remove foot smell and prevent frostbite by keeping warmth.

Shoes Insole

Relieving the Shock of the Heel

Shoulder & Body Massager

NEW ! ! Powerful and gentle therapeutics massage

Universal Fitness Extendable Body Massager

NEW ! ! Ultimate solution to your fitness! Powerful percussion action. Light weight and unique slim design. Extendable handle to enable the back massage on your own. Speed control : High / Low