Kitchen Ceramic Filter


Kitchen Ceramic Filter

Impurities Filtration, Purification and revitalization

 How drinking water is produced and distributed to the tap
  • The water treatment plants use harsh chemicals to undesirable chemicals, materials and bilogical containments from recyled water. In this process the concentration of suspended particles, bacteria, alrea, virus, fungi are reduced
  • The water treatments plants pump the clean water through the water mains that contains diverse impurity sediments.
  • when water goea through pipes and tanks it accumulates more impurities, heavy metals, microorginism and inorganic compounds.
Damaged and worn out pipes creates Problems

Inorganic compounds originate from damaged and worn out pipes which trap harmful organic materials, release haevy metals and are breeding enviroment for microorginism, bacteria and viruses. Sand, rust and soil get trapped in the tears and cracks.

Danger of Chlorine
  • The skin becomes and ages quicker
  • Causes skin problems like dryness, redness and itchiness.
  • Can cause eczema and respiratory disorders.

  • Indicator for filter replacement
  • Simple installation
  • Rust and impurities removed by sedimant filter
  • Neutralized agrecultural chemical residues from fruits and vegitables from calicum based ceramics ball

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