Portable hydrogen water bottle (Out Of Stock)


Portable hydrogen water bottle (Out Of Stock)

Our hydrogen water kit, that removes harmful active oxygen in the body, is very convenient to carry. So, you can produce 1000ppb of hydrogen water within 5 minutes by using any water.

HealtH2O hydrogen water features

1) Remove effectively free radicals (active oxygen)

 due to the rich amount of dissolved oxygen and the long period of dissolved oxygen.

2) Hydrogen as the smallest particle reaches quickly the inside of the clogged blood vessels or the brain and removes free radicals (active oxygen).

3) Remove selectively only the bad toxic free radicals (active oxygen)

in the body.

4) Maintain a high amount of dissolved hydrogen even at the temperature changes.

5) Hydrogen shall not have side effects on the human body or shall not accumulate in the human body even with a lot of eating.

How to use

1) At the first use, fill it more than half full of water and shake it about 10 times and empty it (do 2~3 times) and fill it full of real water to drink.

2) Fill it at least more than half of water and once it is filled about two-thirds of water please drink in between 30 minutes and an hour.

3) At the first use if it is left for a long time a lot of hydrogen ions will be generated, thereafter you may drink in about 5 ~ 10 minutes.

4) It is good to drink 1~2 glasses of hydrogen-ion rich water if possible on an empty stomach before meals, at dawn or before going to bed.

5) The period of time to replace the cartridge is about three months on average. When the bottom of the product is touched lightly if any air bubble does not occur it is the time to replace. 

Precautions when used

1) If different kinds of drinks such as hot water or very cold barley tea or green tea are mixed it may cause the loss of hydrogen generation capability.

2) Please do not put dry ice, carbonated drinks, and etc. Because it may increase the internal pressure there are risks such that the cap may not be opened or the contents may eject out.

3) Please do not keep it in the freezer absolutely. If you do the water bottle may explode due to the expansion of its volume. 

4) Please do not leave the contents in it for a long period of time. If it is put at the room temperature the better hydrogen for health will occur.

5) Please do not use near fire, in a dishwasher or in a microwave oven

6) Please do not drop or give a strong impact

7) Please wipe with a soft scrub brush when cleaning.

8) When the inside stopper is disinfected please disinfect by submerging it in hot water rather than boiling it.

9) The hydrogen ion-generating cartridges must be entirely submerged in water.

10) The valid period of the cartridge is approximately three months. Thereafter, it should be replaced with a new cartridge in order to keep the functions working.

Great needs for people such as

People who care about the overall anti-aging of the human body

People who want to improve skin disease such as atopy, freckles and acne excellently

People who want to prevent and improve lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure

People who are on a diet (Detox)

People who want to treat rough skin

People who have lots of brain activities such as students or office workers

People who suffer from constipation, body odor or bad breath

People who prevent a hangover phenomenon after drink (drink it before or after alcohol drinking, if various under-rocks are diluted with hydrogen water a hangover will occur)

People who concern the health of companion animals

People who smoke

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