Smart Geiger Nuclear Radiation Detector Counter For iOS iPhone Android Phone

By Aving-Gadgets-Gaiger

Easy to use Smart Geiger counter. Simply insert into your earphone socket of your smart phone.

About This Product

Smart Geiger Nuclear Radiation Detector Counter For iOS iPhone Android Phone.
Smart Geiger is a small sensor which can be easily attached to your smart phone earphone jack and used to measure the radioactivity.
It indicates radiation coming from a radioactive substance in dose-rate figure (uSv/h) and informs by sound using semiconductor sensor. Even though the nuclear accident of Fukushima, Japan calmed down, the risk of radioactivity exists in many places. How about in my surroundings ? How about the area where I am going to travel ? Also, what about the land I want to build my house ? It is radioactivity free ? With this small device you can measure whether the place has the radioactivity.

The price of the geiger counter in the market is expensive because it has the CPU, and the display area built-in as well as the sensor area. With this small sensor which you can easily inserted into your earphone jack area of your smart phone, you can save a lot of money, but expect similar level of measure conveniences and accuracy.
The measurement error is approximately 30% because there are many different makes and performances of smart phones in the market. Therefore we ask you to measure several times, and if possible, using more than one smart phone. You can easily download the app from the internet and use this.

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